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2019-11-21 作者:外语留学   |   浏览(100)




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  In the face of various and complicated requirements of employment market, some students begin to question the significance of learning basic knowledge and skills, just as what is exposed in the cartoon above.         


  87.  He knew France well, as if he had been there many times。

  However, it is absolutely wrong to hold that idea. Owing to the fact that we are



  living in a competitive society, the development of our society demands that we arm


  88.  Seeing those pictures, the student couldn't help thinking of those memorabledays. (回忆起那些难忘的日子)

  ourselves with basic skills and up-to-date knowledge so as to keep up with the pace of our society. An investigation shows that millions of people spend time and energy


  89.  Only after they had performed hundreds of experiments, did they succeedin solving the problem.  (他们才成功地解决了这个问题)

  grasping skills and technology so that they can keep a favorable position in job market or enhance their opportunities. While focusing on creativity, innovation, management and leadership skills, we should never forget the fundamental importance of the more basic, essential skills。


  90.   Some people hold the mistaken belief that our domestic products 

  It is universally known that opportunity is important, but you could do nothing with it if you are not equipped with competitive forces, such basic reading and calculating skills, to seize it。

  Computer and Man

  are always inferior to imported goods. (总是次于进口商品)


  It is believed that the computer can do almost every thing. At the time the computer was invented, scientists, carried away by its calculating speed, felt that they had created a miracle. It was gradually used not only in mathematics, physics, chemistry and astronomy, but in places like the library, hospital and military army to replace the work of man. For the work of man. For this reason, the computer was entiled “Electronic Brain” in terms of appreciation。

  91. sometimes giving up  is helpful for you to concentrate time and energ on(有助于你把时间和精力集中于) a few things that are truly important。

  Can man be controlled by computers? The answer is negative. Although a computer works much faster and accurately than man , a fact is undeniable; it is designed, manufactured and programmed by man, and therefore by human beings. Of course, science fictions have made up many fascinating stories about a computer, or rather robot, who conquers man and the earth, even the whole universe; however, they are only unrealistic imaginatio. A horse helps man a lot runs much faster than we, but it is only a slave。


  The future for the computer is very promising. With the help of it, we can do things that could not be done before. Conquering the universe, discovering new things, explaining mysteruiys phenomena puzzling us at present are all made possible by computer。