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  We can see a teacher and astudent in the cartoon above. When the teacher asks the student to answer aquestion written on the blackboard, the student wants to seek tech supportrather than work it out by himself. The picture aims to tell us the problemthat young students are highly dependent on high technology, overlooking theimportance of independent thinking。

  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the importance of building trust between teachers and students。 You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words。

  A large number of peoplepoint out that technology has played an irreplaceable part in learning process,while many others are against it. Those in favor of high technology believe wehave benefited a lot from the convenience brought by Information Technology.For instance, our work efficiency has improved because computers can do complexcalculations faster and more accurately than men. Also, the Internet has madeit much easier to get access to information than before. However, many peopleclaim that over-dependence on technology has done more harm than good。

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  As one of youngsters, Ithink as long as we can take advantages of hi-tech reasonably, our learningprocess will be highly beneficial. At the same time, keep it in mind thatindependent thinking comes first, while tech support just offers assistance.Only in this way, can we benefit most from our learning process。





  Without a doubt, a mutually-trusted relation between a teacher and a student is important for both learning and teaching。

  First of all, knowledge is objective, but learning is relatively subjective。 Only when a student believe in what his or her teacher is teaching, he or she could start to learn something from the teacher。 In reality, I have seen too many students like or dislike one subject only because they like or dislike the teacher who is in charge of that subject, especially for those who are young。 Secondly, when one teacher consider that one student trust him, he would feel honored and satisfied, thereby giving more attention to the student。 Naturally, when one teacher pay more attention to one student, the student is prone to learn better。 I was one example to illustrate that, for I did very well in physics in middle high school because my physics teacher believe that I was the most talented student who followed him。

  Hence, both teachers and students should work together to form a reciprocal relation。


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