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  The municipal government also plans to construct some plants to use cycle water, banning illegal constructions to modify the environment. Furthermore, Beijing will punish those who violate the rules of emission-reduction more severely。



  北京计划未来三年投资7600亿元治理污染,从减少pm 2.5排放入手。这一新公布的计划旨在减少四种主要污染源,包括500万辆机动车的尾气排放、周边地区燃煤、来自北方的沙尘暴和本地的建筑灰尘,另外850亿元用于新建或升级城市垃圾处理和污水处理设施,加上300亿元投资未来三年的植树造林。


  Beijing has planned to invest 760 billion yuan in pollution control for the next three years, starting from reducing the emission of pm 2.5. This new-released plan aims to reduce four main polluting sources, namely 5 million vehicles’ tail gas emission, the coal burning of surrounding areas, sandstorms from the north and the construction dust of local areas. Moreover, 85 billion yuan will be used to create or upgrade the facilities of urban garbage and sewage disposal facilities and 30 billion yuan will be invested in the afforestation for the next three years。

  Beijing is going to invest 760 billion yuan in next three years to control pollution, beginning with cutting down the emission of PM 2.5 . This newly announced project aims to reduce four major sources of pollution, including exhaust from 5000 thousand motor vehicles, coal-burning in surrounding areas, sandstorms from the north and local construction dust. Another 85 billion yuan is used to build or upgrade the facilities of disposing garbage and sewage of the city. In addition, 30 billion to support afforestation programs in next three years。

乐白家手机客户端,  The municipal government also plans to build a batch of water recycling and utilizing plants and curb the illegal buildings to improve the environment. In addition, Beijing will more sternly punish the behaviors against the regulation of emission reduction。

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