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  23. [D] taking a quick look at an exhibit before lunch


  Passage Four


  Passage Two

  1. parents are important in developing children's reading skills

  2. conclusions: most children are better at relationships

  46. D) culminated in

  Passage one

  12. [B]乐白家手机客户端 , The professor may change his mind

  1. research on internet: C

  2. research in the library: A

  3. check old materials of the city: B

  4. interview the old: B

  59. B) luminous

  49. musicians and dancers

  16. [A] She is unhappy with the man’s promises.


  13. D) The US population doesn’t consist of white European descendants only.

  51. the key factor

  Section A

Section 3

  38. C) They think they work in an environment hostile to the free pursuit of knowledge.

  47. motivation and practice

  22. [D] Priority service

Some people think that museums and art galleries should concentrate on the works of their own countries instead of the works of art from other parts of the world. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  40. C) People would not believe scientists even when they tell the truth.

  Passage two

  39. approach


  26. C) the globalization of the economy

  57 A   58 D   59 A   60 C   61B


乐白家手机客户端 1

  70. B) tucked

  Section B

  35. [C] Words are not necessarily connected with the things they stand for.

  1. too much emphasis on getting a qualification

  2. the government should have less influence

  3. boys in particular need a new type of school

  4. children in small schools are happier

  5. lessons are organized like a meeting

  6. a boy interested in music set up a business

  45. C) obscure

  Section A

  Passage Three

  1. C acesses to authority

  2. F check number

  3. D make a list

  4. A filling order form

  5. E comfirm the order contract

  6. B signed delivery note

  53. C) stimulus

  48. leisure time

  31. [C] $8,000.

Section 1

  69. A) ascribed


  41. lengthy

  1. Garbage collection day: Tuesday

  2. Time to collect the waste: 8.15am

  3. Bags for sorting out the waste can be bought in any grocery stores

  4. The ompany does not collect any TV

  5. Large garbage site can be found on the map via the internet

  6. After collection the garbage should be divided into 2 categories

  7. Before throwing the bottle, people should remove the labels.

  16. C) It should be carried high up in the air.

  50. treated as special

  37. response

37-38 无

  Section B

  52 A   53 C   54 A   55 B   56D

  26. [C] People differ from each other in facial features.


  8. Keep up > Keep

  27. [B] Learn to recognize human faces.


  8. D) It will be very difficult for them to find John.

  Passage One

阅 读

  67. C) vacant

  42. surveyed


  32. B) draw attention to the troubles and difficulties grandchildren may cause.

  45. If the committee likes the list, it sends it up to the board of directors which makes the final decision

1-7 笔记填空题:

  50. C) out of stock

  33. [D] Human beings can make anything stand for anything by agreement.


  25. D) What Americans strive after often contradicts their beliefs.


B family life

  68. B) rectify

  44. A list is then presented to the advisory committee which meets about once a month


  17. A) There are precise regulations and customs to be followed.

  14. [D] It’s not certain whether the trip will take place.

A only Jacqueline B only Richard C both Jacqueline and Richard

  33. D) they find it hard to resist the carrot-and-stick approach of their parents

  20. [C] Home-made candy

  1. Receive post - A should be done today

  2. Answering phones - C not his responsibility

  3. Reading emails - B next few days

  4. Update data - A should be done today

  37. B) obtain funding from the government

  34. [B] Our culture determines what a symbol stands for.


  55. C) handicap

  43. possible

15-20 流程配对:

  9. B) Its rapid growth is beneficial to the world.

  38. usual

Section 2

  62. C) in relation to

  25. [C] His social status


  34. B) her parents kept pressuring her to have a child.

  21. [B] Tuesday

21-24 配对题:

  27. B) Information technology has removed the restrictions of time and space in business transactions.

  13. [D] She can’t go on the trip because of academic reasons.


  Part IV Error Correction

  Section C


  49. D) flushed

  32. [D] See a doctor at the school Medical Centre.

  1. Cafe B

  2. Prison D

  3. Railway Station I

  4. Warehouse E

  65. D) finite

  29. [D] People differ in their behaviors and physical characteristics。

E medical services

  4. end > ending

  19. [A] She needs some information.

25&26 Which two topics will the focus be on?

  7. B) He does not study hard enough.

  28. [A] Movie actors。


  15. B) It should be raised quickly by hand.

  Part III Listening Comprehension

一句话简介:垃圾回收咨询Garbage Collecting Company

  Passage One

  Section B

11-14 配对题:

  58. C) designated



  47. B) abnormal

  30. [B] deg@waikato.ac.nz.

8-10 表格填空题:

  Passage Two

  17. [B] He wants to make sure that Mr. Smith will see him.


  3. C) Peaches are not at their best now.

  11. [A] Play the music more quietly.


  4. B) They work on the assignment together.

  15. [D] The woman is applying a job.

31-40 填空题:

  51. D) absurd

  18. [D] The man is unwilling to take a look at the houses for sale.


  Part III Vocabulary

  36. variety

听 力

  56. A) recession

  46. So there’s a possibility that a stamp might be designed, but still never actually go into circulation

Section 4

  10. C) Most students can’t afford to live in the new apartments.

  24. [A] Through signs

25-26 多选题:

  36. A) Quick economic returns

Some people believe that newspaper is the best way to learn about news. While others believe that more effective way is through other media. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

  12. A) He believed the speaker was a foreigner.

写 作

  35. C) It is troublesome but rewarding

  1. Egg cartons

  2. Juice bottles

  3. Pizza boxes

  5. D) She admires Jean’s straightforwardness.

27-30 地图题:

  1. in first paragraph > in the first paragraph


  21. C) People can fully enjoy individual freedom.


  29. B) can eliminate an entire business segment.

  6. will pick up > will not pick up

  24. A) Americans wish to succeed in every aspect of life.

  57. D) ambiguous

  2. D) They will keep in touch during the summer vacation.

  14. C) By making laws.

  23. B) became wealthy after starting life very poor.

  44. A) impose

  18. B) Truancy.

  Section A

  41. A) defy

  Part II Reading Comprehension

  42. D) decent

  43. B) scrutiny

  66. B) irritated

  7. listing > list

  39. D) they could be influenced by their association with the project concerned.

  22. D) the more diligent one is, the bigger his returns.

  5. upon > for

  54. B) by analogy with

  61. B) suppress

  11. A) The need for greater cultural diversity in the school curriculum.

  3. acceptance > unacceptance / rejection

  28. A) it should not overlook the importance of information, services, support, and distribution.

  48. A) drowned

  Passage Three

  19. C) Students with good attendance records.

  31. A) To discourage people from insisting on having grandchildren.

  52. A) cherish

  20. D) Rewarding schools that have decreased the destruction.

  2. ultimate > ultimately

  60. D) erase

  64. A) comply

  1. A) Dr. Holden is the best person for the chairmanship.

  9. taking > taken

  6. A) He liked writing when he was a child.

  63. A) abolished

  10. find > found

  30. D) businesses have to meet individual customers’ specific needs in order to succeed.

  Part I Listening Comprehension