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乐白家手机客户端 1临阵多磨枪,考前抱佛脚

Para 1

Nowadays many people prefer A because it has a significant role in our daily life. Generally, its advantages can be seen as follows. First, ______ (A 的 优 点 之 一 ).Besides, ______ (A 的优点之二 ).



1. 赞美(模板)

Reading the data presented, I believe, every reader will sink into meditation(沉思) upon its implication (寓意).


every coin has two sides. The negative aspects are also apparent. One
of the disadvantages is that, ______ (A 的第一个缺点 ). What’s worse, ______
(A 的第二个缺点 ).



2. 解读+描述(填空)

As is depicted in the bar chart/pie chart/table/chart, 描绘一下(一句即可,错也只错一句)

Through the above analysis, I believe that the positive aspects overweigh the negative ones. Therefore, I would like to ______ ( 我的看法 ).



Example :
  • 一变(增):抓两端略中间
  • 两变 :抓大放小,抓熟舍生

As is depicted vividly in the diagram, the number of ME(主题词,可以去掉所有不会写的修饰语) has been on a rapid rise, reaching more than 35,000 in 2004.

As is depicted vividly in the chart, the subscription number of mobile-phones in developing counties has been on a rapid rise, reaching 4 billion in the years of 2008.

As is depicted vividly in the chart, the marktet share of domestic brand has risen a lot, reaching nearly 35% in 2009.

As is depicted vividly in the chart, the percentage of the students taking part-time jobs has been on a steady rise, reaching 88.24% in senior students.

As is depicted vividly in the chart, the population in urban areas has been on a rapid increase, reaching 66.6 million in the years of 2010.

As is depicted vividly in the table, the percentage rise of the accident number related to drivers driving under the influence of alcohol is the largest of all the five categories, as high as 15%.

As is depicted vividly in the table, the percentage of dissatisfaction among the employees from the age of 41 to 50 is the largest of all the three age groups, as high as 64%.

As is depicted vividly in the pie chart, enjoying scenery ranks the first among all the five categories , responsible for as high as 37%.

As is depicted vividly in the pie chart, reliving stress ranks the second but is the most startling one among among all the five categories , responsible for as high as 33%.


[ 或 From the comparison between these positive and negative effects of A, we should take it reasonably and do it according to the circumstances we are in. Only by this way, ______. ( 对前景的预测 )]
漫画 / 图表作文写作模板
模板 1
As can be clearly seen from the picture/ drawing/ cartoon (As is shown in the table/figure), great changed have taken place in ______. The ______ have/ has jumped from ______ to ______.



3. 具体解读(可略/填空)

It goes without saying that(不用说这个图表) the chart is meant to(其目的是) call attention to (唤起人们对):

  • the severity of(普遍性,负面) _ __
  • the importance of(严重性,正面) __ __ _

When it comes to the reasons for the changes, different people give different explanations. Here I shall just give a few. To begin with, ______. What’s more, ______. Last but not least, ______.

  其次,除了以上三项常考功能模板,我们还将在本部分的最后列出两个具有对比论证功能的模板。虽然自从1997 年以来的历年短文题目中没有出现要求进行对比论证的话题,但是考生仍然应该有所准备。

  如果是名人名言,可以转述名人名言的意思,并结合这一意思,找出一个论点;如果是漫画、图片、图表作文,简单1-2句话对漫画描述后,一定不忘从漫画中给出一些看法和与实际生活相关联的现象、问题、争议点。围绕当年题干中一长串的“Nothing Succeeds Without a Strong Will by commenting on the humorous saying, “Quitting smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I’ve done it hundreds of times。”名人名言,最核心地表达出“要想获得成功,必须要有毅力。” 这句话就可以用“To achieve things successfully, a strong will is essential。”来对原句更简单的阐释,切忌照抄。紧接着,用一些自己熟悉的例子来展开论证即可。

Example :

It goes without saying that the diagram is meant to emphasize the advances in ME education.

It goes without saying that the chart is meant to call attention to these countries' advances in tele communication.


While it is desirable that ______, there are still some problems and difficulties for ______. Firstly, ______. In addition, ______. In a word, ______.



Para 2

  • 大环境

  • 社会/经济/生活/消费/传统/网络

  • 行业/单位/校园

  • 特色环境(引导)

    • 政策
    • 媒体
    • 宣传
    • 当局
  • 自身观念(当事人思想)

  1. It is of no difficulty for us to identify the basic drivers behind this picture.(导致这一情形的基本因素)
  2. At the top of the list , the phenomenon at the moment has a lot to do with __(名词短语)
  3. Besides, there is no denying that the present condition is also closely related to __(名词短语)
  4. Last but not the least(or finally), it must be pointed out that __ (名词短语) is yet another driving influence that cannot be ignored .

( 或 As far as I am concerned, ______. For one thing, ______. For another, ______. In brief, I hold that ______. )
What is shown in the picture/ drawing/ cartoon above indicates that in recent years, more and more people pay attention to ______. The number of those who ______ has increased ______, and furthermore, ______.



Example :
  1. the consistent rapid development of China's higher education(高等教育行业的快速发展)

  2. the increasingly fierce competition facing graduates (社会环境)

  3. people's growing eagerness for further education.(人们对教育的)

  4. the consistent rapid development of developing countries' mobile communication industry.(移动通讯行业的快速发展)

  5. the vast improvement of these countries' living standards and consumption level (这些国家的生活水平和消费水平)

  6. the major transformation of the public's outlook on communication(公众关于的重大转变)

  7. the consistent rapid development of China's motor industry(机械工业行业的快速发展)

  8. the positive guidance of the relevant departments and policies (相关部门和政策的积极引导)

  9. the major transformation of the consumer's outlook on native brands.(消费者关于国产品牌的重大转变)

  10. the increasing fierce job competition facing graduates.(强烈的竞争)

  11. the positive guidance of the relevant departments and policies .(政策的积极引导)

  12. the to-be graduates' growing eagerness for working experience . (对工作经验的)

  13. the recent deep economic recession (近期严重的经济衰退)

  14. the consistent rapid development of China's urbanization process.(中国城镇化进程的持续发展)

  15. the positive guidance of the central government .(中央政府的积极引导)

  16. people's growing eagerness for a decent city life.(人们对城市体面生活的)

  17. the increasing number of private cars and new drivers.(私家车和新司机的数目增加)

  18. the inadequacy of the relevant traffic rules and regulations .(不完善的相关政策、交通法规)

  19. the general public's poor awareness of road safety.(公众对道路安全的意识薄弱)

  20. the recent deep economic recession

  21. the enormous workplace stress peculiar to employees of this age groups.(这个年龄组特有的职场压力)

  22. the inadequacy of the relevant personnel policy (相关人事政策的不完善)

  23. their growing anxiety over promotion (对晋升的焦虑)

  24. the consistent rapid development of China's tourism

  25. the vast improvement of the people's qualify of life and consumption level.

  26. college students' growing eagerness for broadening their horizon.

  27. the increasing pressure of campus life.


There are two factors responsible for the changes. In the first place, ______. Moreover, ______. Yet, it is noticeable that ______.


  1. 举例论证

乐白家手机客户端,Para 3


From the discussion mentioned above, we can safely come to the conclusion that this phenomenon is positive and therefore beneficial. And it is sure that this established trend is bound to(必定) continue in the years to come.

In view of the analysis, we may reasonably conclude that counter measures must be taken to reverse or at least alleviate(减轻、缓和) the deterioration. And l am hoping with confidence that an agreeable environment will come back in the foreseeable future.
根据上述分析, 我们可以合理地得出结论:必须采取相应的措施来抑制甚至扭转不断恶化的环境问题。我坚信,未来环境将会有极大的改善。

PS: 漫画作文

  • 哲理类

From the analysis, we can safely draw the conclusion that ______. It is possible that in the future, the tendency will ______.
There is a widespread concern over the issue that ______ ( 谈 论 全 题 ). But it is well known that the opinion concerning this hot topic varies from person to person. A majority of people think that ______ ( 观点一 ). In their views there are 2 factors contributing to this attitude as follows: in the first place, ______ ( 原因一 ). In the second place, ______ ( 原因二 ). But other people take an opposite side. They firmly believe that ______ ( 观点二 ).



Para 1

  1. Looking at this cartoon, I believe, every readers will sink into meditation upon its implication.(背诵)
  2. As is depicted vividly in the drawing, two disabled young men are striding forward to their destination vigorously by supporting each other.
  3. It goes without saying that the picture is meant to emphasize/ call attention to the significance/ importance of teamwork.

As for me, I agree to the former/ latter idea. There are a dozen of reasons behind my belief. First of all, ______ ( 论据一 ). More importantly, ______ ( 论据二 ). Most importantly of all, ______ ( 论据三 ).

  The picture . What is strikingly noticeable is , but it can be easily explained by shown in the picture。

  2. 引用论证

Para 2

  1. it is of no difficulty for us to identify some of its positive effects upon our daily work and life.
  • 现象类

As far as I am concerned, I firmly support the view that ______ ( 观 点 一或二 ). It is not only because ______, but also because ______. The more______, the more ______.
模板 1:
Nowadays, there exists an increasingly serious social/economic/environmental problem. (X has increasingly become a common concern of the public). According to a survey, ______ ( 调查内容说明这种现象的情况 ) .

  The discern able unhealthiness discloses a prevalent phenomenon that has long existed in the China’s . One the one hand, . On the other hand, . As a result, the integration of poor living conditions and work pressure leads naturally to their poor health and short life-span, just as the picture tells us。

  引用论证就是可以用来自书籍Once I read a book,…;There is an old saying …“俗话说……”;或者中外名人曾说过。

Para 1

  1. Looking at this cartoon, I believe, every readers will sink into meditation upon its implication.(背诵)
  2. As is depicted vividly in the drawing, two disabled young men are striding forward to their destination vigorously by supporting each other.
  3. It goes without saying that the picture is meant to emphasize/ call attention to the significance/ importance of teamwork.

There are a couple of reasons booming this problem/phenomenon. ______ has caused substantial impact on the society and our daily life, which has been articulated ( 表达 ) in the following aspects.

  The situation is rather depressing because , and it is largely owing to . To solve the problem, I think there should be a thriving social trend , and those who should be rewarded with good living and working conditions。

  3. 道理论证

Para 2

  1. the backward public facilities of most scenic spots.
  2. the inadequacy of the relevant regulation and supervision .
  3. the public's poor awareness of environmental protection .
  • 信息类
  1. Reading the information above , I believe , everyone will sink into meditation upon its implication.
  2. As is depicted vividly in the description, a growing number of middle school students are choosing to study abroad, especially in advanced countries
  3. It goes without saying that this message is meant to emphasize the commonness of such a phenomenon .

A dozen of measures are supposed to be taken to prevent ______ ( 现象或问题) from bringing us more harm. Based on the above discussions, I can easily forecast that more and more people will ______ ( 预测前景).



模板 2:
Recently, the phenomenon of ______ has become the focus of the public concern. It is no easy/simple task to offer the reason for this phenomenon which involves more than one complicated factor. What has caused this problem? It seems to me that there are several reasons as follows.

  We can see from the picture that , but 。


First of all, ______. What is more, ______. Last but not the least, ______. In view of the seriousness of the phenomenon, effective measures should be taken.

  If , he would surely express . There are three reasons to explain why it happens to . Firstly, , which resulted from . Secondly, though , . Consequently, . Thirdly, 。

  What has brought about this effect? I believe there are three main reasons. To begin with, ____________________ (原因一). It is believed that ____________________(进一步稍加说明). In addition, ____________________(原因二). Finally, ____________________。(再次总结原因。)

On one hand, it is high time that people all over China realized the seriousness of the phenomenon. On the other hand, the government should issue laws and regulations to put the situation under control. Only in this way can we successfully solve the problem.

  I maintain that effective measures should be taken to put an end to this phenomenon. Firstly, we need to endeavor to advocate . Secondly, strict regulations should be enacted and enforced to create a harmonious and orderly society. Only through the combined efforts can we eliminate this “tumor” forcefully and completely。

  最后,结尾段再次重申观点 + 问题解决方法;避免某一现象的措施;向学校(the school),机构( XX administration),政府(the government),每个人(every citizen / every individual)发出呼吁( I appeal to…),给出建议(My suggestion is that …)



  The picture depicts a scene in which . The scene is presented in an artistic and ironic manner. Crowds of people are crammed in . Further examination reveals that 。


  Apparently, the picture symbolizes that humans, with such a huge population, may one day suffer from the exhaustion of earth resources. Take for example. Given the fact that , we find that . To make it worse, 。

  1) As is shown in the table, ________________。(正如表格显示)

  If the conflict between population boom and shortage of resources is not properly controlled, we have every reason to hold a pessimistic perspective towards human’s future on Earth. Perhaps eventually we would face the situation suggested by the picture, that is, . Accordingly, I strongly recommend that the whole globe launch aggressive programs to address this fatal contradiction。

  2) This is a chart which demonstrates / depicts / illustrates ________________。(这一表格展示)


  3) Obvious from the graph is that ________________. (很显然从图中得出)

  This is a very interesting piece of cartoon, in thanks to . Hence, 。

  4) It must be pointed out that + 图中明显特征(必须指出)

  Though being a little exaggerating, the cartoon illuminates a serious fact that , and for that matter, . A recent report also supported this view by . On the contrary, we are sad to perceive that 。

  5) It is worth mentioning that + 图中明显特征(值得一提)

  Therefore, in my opinion, it is already high time for the whole world to form a solid cooperation fighting against , because not a single government or person can be exempt from its harm. A series of down-to-earth measures need to be urgently implemented to control 。



  1) Today I saw an interesting cartoon, in which ________________. (轻松、活泼,真实感带入,意思为:今天我看到了一幅有趣的漫画,其中……)


  2) As is vividly depicted in the drawing above, ________________。(严肃、准确、客观描述,意思为:正如图中形象描绘出……)


  3) The picture / cartoon / drawings talking about …(拟人化,意思为:图中谈论了……)

  As is shown in the picture above, . Obviously from we can surmise that 。

  4) The cartoon describes an interesting phenomenon。(总起句,意思为:漫画描述了有一个有趣的现象)注意:这种封闭式提法后面,一定还要有一句结合图片细节的话。

  It goes without saying that the primary purpose of the picture lies in eulogizing the practice of . As a matter of fact, it is not rare to find in our everyday life deeds of similar nature. For instance, . Additionally, we can also hear many stories about . Not to mention those moving cases of 。


  All in all, I firmly believe that a harmonious society is based on a . By , people not only harvest , but also gain that can never be purchased via money。




  As the old Chinese saying goes, . It echoes with this picture in which . The title of the picture further points out that 。


  The picture is meant to . As far as I am concerned, I think . This universal truth can be particularly proved in the field of , where 。

  A brief survey of history about also demonstrates the fundamental importance of . , for example, . The same principle applies to common people as well, and I am sure everybody can benefit from 。




  It is a very eye-catching photo in which . What makes this picture extraordinary is , which clearly indicates 。

  The sense of that permeates this picture is representative of , that is, , and therefore, . China, in particular, . The effect of such communication can be best exemplified by 。

  While people belong to nations, cultures know no boundary. is not only featured by , but more importantly, by . I firmly believe that is contributing, and will contribute more to the world’s peace, development, and prosperity. (参见范文1)


  As the title indicates, “ ”, the set of pictures apparently reminds us that . It is discern able that 。

  The drawing virtually reminds its audience a widespread phenomenon existing negatively in the area of basic education in China, that is, . That is to say, . Such a practice is very harmful in terms of the following aspects. Firstly, . Secondly, . Last but not the least, 。

  In my point of view, , but it is only part of the picture. On the other hand, . Therefore, it is an urgent task to . As children are the future of our nation, creating a good environment for their upbringing means creating a bright and promising future for our nation。


  The cartoon reveals a very thought-provoking scene. The artist purposefully exaggerates . This picture reveals the in-depth problem of 。

  In fact, . There are two reasons for this. The first and perhaps most important is that . The other reason is more serious from a practical point of view. . It owes to 。

  In my point of view, the trend goes quite against the genuine and original purpose of our . What I want to emphasize by the above analysis is that, . Therefore, I strongly contend that 。


  The two pictures illustrate vividly . In the left picture , while in the right 。

  From the two pictures we can sense a crazy tendency of . Aside from , another telling example is , which was so successful in that . The pictures also make it obvious that we should 。

  Admittedly, it is natural that . Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of our government and society to . In my opinion, what’s the more important is to . In short, 。



  According to the two pictures presented, it can be observed that. In the left picture, . A the same time, as the right one shows. Different people have different views on 。

  Some people support by claiming that . In their opinion, . In addition, . Meanwhile, there are some people, especially young men, who . Their reasons are quite different, sometimes for , sometimes for , sometimes simply for 。

  In my point of view, both sides are partly right. To thoroughly analyze this problem, we should take into consideration of all relevant aspects, so as to make the right decision. Therefore, my conclusion would be that 。